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Ek Aasha

Year    :    December 2018
By    :    MOR Films, Australia
Genre    :    Drama, Comming of Age
Language    :    Hindi (English subtitle)
Time    :    123 min. / 2:03
Logline    :    The quest of a transgender girl to become a teacher in India.

Aashish in an aspiring teacher and has struggled with his gender identity since childhood. Aashish makes the difficult decision to leave home and join a traditional transgender community (known as Hijras). The Hijra Guru allows Aashish to transition into Aasha. The life of a traditional Hindu Hijra in modern India is stifling. Will Aasha be able to pursue her dream career of teaching – something that only a handful of Hijras could do out of around five million of them in India.

Ek Aasha

A coming of age film about a transgender girl (Hijra) in India and her quest to become a teacher.

I strongly feel that the Indian transgender community is at a crossroad, given that there is a greater awareness now, I believe with greater understanding and acceptance from their families and society, ‘Hijra’ (transwomen community) members will have more opportunities in a new India and modern world.

There are very few Indian novels or films that discuss transgender issues, let alone in a positive light.

Our film is an attempt to put transgender people and their stories front and centre. All adult transgender roles (total 11) are played by non-actor transgender people from Mumbai, Delhi and Surat India. We worked extensively with each one of these lovely human beings to establish camaraderie and collaboration.

Why have we made this film?

There are approximately 5 million transgender women, known as Hijra or Kinnar, in India.

A great majority of them are barely literate because many within wider society and their own community believe that education is not an option for them.

Without an education they will not be able to make use of the reservation (quota) that they currently have.

Let’s break this cycle.


Cast & Crew


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